Tuesday, May 19, 2015

HIP Outpatient Orders and Results

HIP Outpatient Orders and Results - Lisensi Code

Today's great software is HIP Outpatient Orders and Results, you can download HIP Outpatient Orders and Results free here. but before downloading this program, i recommend you to read the reviews about HIP Outpatient Orders and Results below :

 What Is HIP Outpatient Orders and Results :

Based on HL7 v.2.3.1 Orders & Results Reference Information Model (RIM)s, The project is NOT a CPOE per-se. Instead, the project provides "applications" that allow EHR's to perform Outpatient Orders and Results via HIE, and collect these into their EHRs to feed the EHR "CPOE module / section" (ex. with prescribed drugs, ordered labs and results, ....) The first module in the project was the "ePrescribing application"; certified by RxHub and SureScripts back in 2007. New implementation needs to "re-certify" with SureScripts (which should not be much of a problem) Work on eLabs (using ELINCS, LOINC etc.) is being considered as participants join the project become available. The HL7 RIM allows for eImaging applications, eConsults applications, eReferrals applications, etc. Applications work independently, but through HIE, results come back to the provider to see it in its "CPOE Section or Module" Requires licensing of the MediSpan Drug Database for ePrescrib

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